Due to the rapidly growing Church in the Balkans, Empower is providing God’s Word, as well as training and support for pastors/​evangelists/​church planters, and compassionate assistance.

In Serbia, Empower is working with the Roma (gypsy) population and church planting networks. In Albania, we have been led to partner with a vast network of over 200 Albanian-speaking pastors/​congregations who are reaching into seven countries in the region. (The Western Balkans comprise primarily Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia.)

The Needs:

Food packages and wood for heating — for widows, orphans, and those most needy
Training — for new pastors/​church planters
Rental of meeting facilities – for new congregations
Sponsoring of teenage youth events — for evangelism in villages where young people are often frustrated and depressed
Bibles — for new believers (Note: Empower has already provided them with a vast supply of New Testaments)
Bible teaching material - for children

Bibles — for new and mature believers who have never held a Bible in their hands
Food and emergency supplies of the essentials -for believers and seekers in desperate situations
Funds for pastoral training - for church planters
Funds for computers - for evangelists/​disciplers to use online to answer questions and lead people to Christ

Most Urgent Need


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