In a world that is increasingly becoming chaotic and filled with panic, we as believers in Christ stand apart from those who have no hope or joy in life. This is because we have experienced the miracle of God’s Holy Spirit indwelling us. In John 7:37, Jesus promised us a river of Living Water flowing out of our lives” that He explained was the presence of the Holy Spirit in His followers. Global national believers are displaying this promised Christ-like love, joy and peace” to a desperately watching world. Because of their powerful witness, national believers are bringing millions of men, women, and children to the Christ of both the manger and the Cross. This Christmas, through our Bundles of Love outreach, the Empower family is being called upon to stand beside these courageous brothers and sisters in Christ, extending much needed and appreciated tokens of our love.

God bless you all, thank you for your support of national believers and have a joy filled Christmas in the midst of a world in turmoil.

Most Urgent Need Bundles of Love


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